Teaching Children To Read

Teach reading at home
A fun & easy learning to read program

ButterfliesTestimonials from Happy Little Readers

"Thanks Jen for your 'Teach children to read' book, it was exactly what I was looking for - a fun, interactive and play based program. It provided an easy to follow guide that made sense! You reminded me how great nurturing your child to read can be. I especially love it's portability in the digital format! It allowed me to read snippets on the run when I had a few minutes.
Thanks again"
Greta, QLD

"I am impressed with the tools and suggested activities provided in the book, they really assist with learning phonics and sight words".
Maxine, WA










"I have just read your book and am so glad I did. My son is 16 months old and I had no idea how important playing, singing and reading books was. I want to give my son the best opportunity of becoming a competent reader and now I think I can do that".
Thanks, Alison








"As a teacher I thought I knew all I needed to know about teaching children to read but when it came to my turn as the parent I began to doubt what I was doing was right! I set about looking for a learning to read program that shared my learning philosophy. I found a lot of the programs were rote learning and focussed on learning through the t.v. which I didn't want my child to do. Your book worked for us, three months later and I am proud to say Callum is a budding Happy Little Reader now".
Justine J


"I liked the book, I could really relate to the question and answer sections".
Peiter C









"We had great fun with the word wheel, we used it a lot and I think it helped with both my children's spelling skills".







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