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Story telling is a wonderful thing to share with children. Stories told verbally, without a book, allow children to use their imagination and construct pictures in their head about what is happening. It really doesn’t matter what your story is about, just be enthusiastic when telling it.

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Father and son - Storytelling with childrenHow to tell stories:


All stories have a basic structure;


Beginning: where the characters are introduced, you find out where they live and what the characters do. The beginning section also includes the introduction of the plot.

The middle bit: is where most of the story happens. This is where the event or complication occurs. This section leads up to the climax and it is good to keep children in suspense as to what is going to happen at the end.

The big finish: a satisfying end to the story, this is what they will be waiting to hear. The end does not necessarily need to be dramatic just that the complication or the conflict is resolved.

When telling stories, just start with a beginning and let story evolve as you are telling it. Trying to think of a beginning, middle and end before you get going often deters you from starting at all.

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