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Songs are a great way to promote children's language skills

Young children love to be sung to, it doesn’t really matter what or how you sing. Music, rhythm and melody stimulate different parts of our brains. When your child hears you sing it will be a pleasurable experience for them.

Singing to children will aid their language development. Simple songs or nursery rhymes are ideal for promoting language skills. Here's a link to a  book of nursery rhymes written specifically to help children learn reading skills.

Songs and nursery rhymes are particularly good for developing language skills as they;

  • repeat sentence pattern
  • introduce tone, beat and rhythm
  • help the child anticipate what is coming next
  • extend concentration span and
  • teach rhyming skills.

Being able to predict the next part of the song or rhyme helps build the necessary skills for understanding and predicting sequences in text.

Develop a range of songs and nursery rhymes that your child knows and can sing or say independently, this will extend their language learning and promote skills necessary for reading. Singing is a pre-reading skill as it helps children learn the rhythm of language.

How to promote kid's listening skills:

Rhythm is an important part of both movement and language. Stamping, marching, dancing, clapping or tapping out the rhythm in music or songs are activities that help children to internalise the beat. When clapping or stamping along with simple songs, children increase their understanding of both rhythm and language.

Encourage children to clap, stamp or tap out words they hear on a regular basis. Learning to divide words into chunks or syllables is an important skill for later reading decoding skills.

Clapping syllables fosters children's language development

Clapping is one of the easiest ways for children to understand that words are made up of separate sounds. Identification of the rhythm of language enables children to become actively engaged with the words and the syllables within language.

Identify syllables by clapping family members’ names; it is a fun and valuable learning experience. For example, clap once for Kyle, twice for Asher and four times for Gabriella. These types of games aid sound identification and promote pre reading skills.

Songs to sing

Here are a selection of songs for children. These are song that I enjoy singing with my children. Songs are a great way to foster children's language development.

I have added the following video links so you can hear the tune and learn the words so you and your child can sing the songs where ever you are. Try singing in the car, when stopped at traffic lights or when on a long journey, just remember to sing loud and with a smile on your dial.

The wheels on bus
Alice the camel
Twinkle, twinkle little star
If you’re happy and you know it

Five little ducks
Wonky donkey
Dr Knickerbocker
Old McDonald
Five grey elephants
Five currant buns
Johnny works with one hammer
The farmer in the Dell
Here we go looby loo
One finger, one thumb
Ten in the bed


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