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Having a known word bank of commonly used words makes reading easier 

Teach sight words

One way to assist children to read quickly and fluently is to teach commonly used words, words that your child can recognise immediately by sight.
The sight words in this booklet are some of the most frequently used words in the English language. These sight words make up approximately 75% of the words your child will encounter in primary school.
Teaching sight words to your child before they start school will help them to read more effectively and fluently. If there are many words the child needs to 'sound out' when they read, the task becomes so painstakingly slow the child may have difficulty comprehending what they are reading.

Having a known 'word bank' of sight words the child knows well increases reading fluency, aids understanding and promotes reading success.

When selecting which sight words to introduce include a combination of the most commonly used words and words that are of interest to the child. For example if your child really likes bulldozers or tractors, introduce these words first.

When learning sight words, it is the shape of the word or distinctive features in the words that the child remembers and is able to recognise when they see it. It does not matter if the word is longer, sometimes these words are easier sight words for children to remember as they look different to the other words.

How to use sight word cards

There are three separate activities to do with the sight words when you introduce them to your child:

1. Matching, placing same with same – placing the word ‘about’ with ‘about’.

2. Selecting, choosing words – identifying ‘about’ from other words when you say “find ‘about’.

3. Labelling, naming sound – saying the sound ‘about’ when you point to ‘about’.

Matching, selecting and labelling are three separate skills to learn. Matching is a visual skill; the ability to recognise two identical words. Selecting and labelling require language ability.

To select accurately your child needs to be able to hear the word exactly, remember it, and also know what word makes that sound. This is a more difficult skill than matching.

To label accurately your child must be able to hear the word, remember it and also be able to say the word. Again, this skill is more difficult than matching.

Sight word games

It is very important to have fun when learning sight words. Introducing the words in games and fun activities is the best way for children to learn them.

Treasure hunt
Musical freeze
Memory tray
Word Bluff
Word twister

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