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The key to developing reading fluency and moving from a beginner reader to a competent reader is practice. The difference in good and poor readers is the amount of time they spend reading.

It is important to find books with familiar words and story plots. To develop fluency, children need books that they understand so they can make sense of what they are reading about.
Reading fluency 

Supported reading;

Some children just take to reading and very quickly develop fluency and comprehension skills, however, most children need explicit reading assistance such as supported reading.

1. When reading a book for the first time discuss the title, author and illustrator

2. Look through the book’s illustrations and predict what the story may be about
3. Look for particularly challenging text, select a few words and discuss their meaning

4. As they read your job is to prompt, encourage and confirm their attempts at problem solving

5. Remind them to look at the illustrations for clues

6. Provide positive feedback

7. Enjoy your time reading together

Children reading challenging text

If the book is challenging, for example it has more than 10% of unfamiliar words, follow this process;

a. You read a section of text first

b. They read the same text

c. You provide guidance and encouragement

d. They re-read the section until they can read it fluently; three or four times is plenty.

Monitoring and supporting your child's reading will improve their reading fluency and overall reading achievement.

Another way to support and improve reading fluency is to read through difficult text simultaneously. Reading the same text at the same time allows children to hear the words as they are reading them.

For further information on how to teach reading check out this great site: Reading strategies.

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