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A good way to help children to learn phonics is to read nursery rhymes. English is a complex language, making it difficult for beginner readers to learn. Word families or phonograms introduce children to the word patterns in written language and are a more reliable way for your child to learn phonics or letter sound combinations.

Learning phonics early gives children beginning to read strategies for decoding unfamiliar words and also aids reading fluency.


Phonograms -How word families help children develop reading skills

There are many reading strategies that proficient readers combine to enable reading success. When you think about the various elements required, it seems quite an achievement for young children to learn to read within their first years of school.
Not all young children pick up the various reading strategies required for reading success as easily as other children. An effective way for you to help your child learn to read is by playing word games together to introduce word families.

Word families, also called phonograms can help children learning to read understand the language patterns within words. Recognising patterns in language can really assist children to decode or 'sound out' unfamiliar words.
There are over thirty word families that make up over 500 commonly used words. One of the most common word families is the 'ay' family. This family includes words such as bay, day, hay, may, say, stay etc. If you can introduce your child to the thirty word families, learning to read will be a much easier task.

Always introduce learning to read activities that are fun for your child to play. One way to play with word families or phonograms with your child is to set up a shop that sells words. Write a set of phonograms words onto individual cards and put a price on each one. Set up a cash register with play money. Take it in turns to be the shopkeeper and the customer and purchase words from each other. Once you have three or four words make up a simple rhyme with your child using the words. Write your rhyme out and put it up on your fridge or add it to your family word rhyme book.

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This specifically designed book of phonogram rhymes includes the top 38 commonly used word families crafted with colourful and fun illustrations. Each rhyme is a celebration of a particular phonogram.

Use this book of rhymes to teach word families and your child will learn phonics in an easy and enjoyable way. 

My book Teach children to read, a fun and easy 10 step program for parents outlines step by step how to incorporate rhymes into an integrated learning to read program.

This Book of Rhymes is also a companion tool to my 'Family Word Wheel'.


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