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Why reading to children promotes reading development

Reading baby books regularly with your baby will foster a love of literature they will carry with them for life.


Reading aloud by parents is the single most critical factor in a child's reading success later in life. By eighteen months, children who have been read to regularly have a far greater receptive language vocabulary than children that have not had regular shared reading experiences.

Selecting good books for babies

When reading aloud to new born babies, it does not really matter what you read, very young babies just like to hear the sound of your voice. The rhythm in your language when you read is soothing for babies. You could read the newspaper, a magazine or even your favourite novel. Just hearing your voice will be beneficial for your new born baby.

Books we share with babies from three months onwards need to be carefully selected. Good books for babies of this age have large clear illustrations. Pictures or photographs on a white background allow children to focus their eyes on the illustrations.

Babies three to six months old are really listening to your voice, so baby books with rhythmic text, that you can read with lots of expression are ideal.

From approximately six months onwards babies begin to 'play' with books. They will pick them up, attempt to turn the pages independently and flip the pages back and forth by themselves. Good baby books for children six to eighteen months old are board books with clear pictures of things that are familiar to the child. 

Baby books for children of this age that have photographs of animals, babies and familar objects from around the home are perfect. Babies of this age are mobile and may not sit for long periods on your lap to share a story, so short text and clear pictures are more important in books for children six to eighteen months.

Buy books for baby

Here are a selection of quality books for babies. I have carefully selected each book based on the illustrations, text, entertainment and educational value. They are all written by well respected authors and illustrators, with simple text and wonderful pictures, ideal baby books for you to enjoy together. 

We have spent many hours with these stories, the characters have almost become family friends. Select a book for baby, cuddle up in a large comfy chair and enjoy!



Ten little fingers and ten little toes - Quality books for babyTen little fingers and ten little toes

Author: Mem Fox

I particularly love this simple story, it's a celebration of babies. It includes illustrations of baby fingers and baby toes and reminds us of the pure joy babies bring. A heart warming story you and your child with love. Purchase the book now... Ten Little Fingers and Ten Little Toes lap board book








Time for Bed - Book for babyTime For Bed

Author: Mem Fox

Another book by Mem Fox the famous Australian author. This is a classic bedtime story. It has rhyming text and soft watercolour illustrations of animals and their babies. Purchase the book now... Time for Bed







Brown bear, brown bear what do you see - Ideal book for babyBrown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?

Author: Eric Carle

"Brown bear, brown bear what do you see" has become a family chant. This book by Eric Carle is a classic book for babies. It has very large illustrations and the benefit of a rhythmic story. It also has another educational element of introducing learning about colours. Each page leads seamlessly into the next. Toddlers will begin to read along with you. Purchase the book now... Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? Slide and Find (World of Eric Carle (Priddy Books)









Animals, Baby touch and feel - Read books to babiesAnimals (Baby Touch and Feel)

Author: DK Publishing

DK books are well known for their clear photographic illustrations on white backgrounds. This style allows very young children to really focus on the illustrations without the clutter of other things on the page. Young children love animal books and this book has the added touch and feel element imbedded into the pages. Purchase the book now... Animals (Baby Touch and Feel)









Baby's busy world - Educational book for babyBaby's Busy World

Author: Dorling Kindersley

A fantastic baby book, filled with the familiar objects babies know and can recognise, such as baby toys, clothes, first foods, and animals. Young children love looking at the wonderful illustrations in this book. It features all the things babies love to do, from playing peek-a-boo to tickling tummies and counting toes. This book is probably my favourite book for babies. Purchase the book now... Baby's Busy World









Look see, look at me - Australian baby booksLook See, Look at Me!

Author: Leonie-Norrington

The illustrations in this book are particularly unique and very Australian. It has a lively rhyming text and is a delightful celebration of outback family life in an Aboriginal community. Purchase this book now... Look See, Look at Me!







Where's spot - Classic book for babiesWhere's Spot?

Author: Eric Hill 

For three decades children have been looking everywhere for Spot in this classic, first-ever lift-the-flap book. All the Spot books are ideal books for babies. Purchase the book now... Where's Spot?









Baby faces - Books babies will enjoyBaby Faces

Author: Dorling Kindersley Publishing

This book is great as the illustrations are clear photographs of different baby's faces, all with wonderful expressions. This book particular catches the moods of babies throughout their busy days. Young child love pictures of other babies and this book is filled with delightful babies doing the things babies do. An overall delightful book for baby. Purchase the book now... Baby Faces (Funfax Early Learning)








Dear zoo - Books babies will loveDear Zoo

Author: Rod Campbell

Even very young child enjoy interactive books, where we 'lift the flap' and find out what is hidden. This is a delightful story my family has had many hours of enjoyment with. Purchase the book now... Dear Zoo: A Lift-the-Flap Book









Moo, moo, la, la, la - Best books for babyMoo, Baa, La La La!

Author: Sandra Boynton

A simple rhythmic verse about animals and the noises they make. Even very young children enjoy humour and this book delivers lovely, simple pictures and a sense of fun! Purchase the book now... Moo Baa La La La









My first words - Baby booksFirst Words: Let's Get Talking!

Author: DK Publishing

Another DK Book with fantastic imaginative photographic illustrations. A great book for babies. Delightfully  simple text and stimulating questions. The story is filled with active pictures showing things such as vehicles, animals and colours. Purchase the book now... Tabbed Board Books: My First Words: Let's Get Talking!




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