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Benefits of playBenefits of play - butterflies

Play develops skills in all developmental areas:

There are many benefits of play. Play promotes skill acquisition in many development areas. Children’s developmental areas are interconnected, when children play they are developing many skills such as; physical, social, emotional, cognitive and communication skills. All these skills are necessary for later successful reading and writing acquisition.


  • connects people, develops social skills such as turn taking and caring for each other, promotes bonding and helps build relationships 
  • helps children feel safe, loved and valued, it builds empathy, compassion and develops trust 
  • promotes brain development, stimulates imagination, promotes problem solving and arouses curiosity, play leads to discovery and creativity 
  • allows a child to learn sound judgment in assessing risk, building confidence, resilience and self-belief 
  • builds empathy, helping children to understand that other people have feelings and to care about the environment in which we live 
  • builds gross motor skills, co-ordination of the large muscles in their arms, legs and body 
  • builds fine motor skills, the smaller muscles in feet, hands and fingers 
  • promotes eye-hand co-ordination and dexterity 
  • develops perseverance 
  • is an remedy for loneliness, anxiety and stress and 
  • last but not least, play is fun 

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