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Use puppets to promote communication skills

Puppets are a fantastic way to tell stories. Children respond to a puppet differently to the way they respond to adults or to other children. Puppets hold children’s attention for longer and also enhance imagination, creativity and promote spontaneity.

Puppet play is particularly good for labelling children’s feelings and for teaching social skills. Use a puppet to talk about their problems or to highlight any behaviour that may be an issue. Puppets useful for helping children think through any problems and the puppet can also help generate solutions.

Puppets also enhance any story book you may be reading. You don’t need a puppet for each character, just one puppet as the main character is sufficient to re-create the story and further enhance a good story line.

Book The Muppets Puppets - About puppets Your puppet doesn’t have to be ‘store bought’ or elaborate. You can make puppets at home out of materials from around your house-an old work glove or that empty paper-towel tube. With tips on scripts, stages, and shows, this book is a complete puppeteering guide. Just add your imagination! Purchase this book by clicking here:  The Muppets Make Puppets: How to Create and Operate Over 35 Great Puppets Using Stuff from Around Your House


Different ways to use puppets


In this video clip 'Choosing puppets for children, what every parent should know' Dr Amy Wickstrom discusses choosing puppets to encourage creativity and emotional development. Click here to watch video...

Purchasing puppets

Puppets - Buy now  Here are eight hand puppets. Each of these delightful fabric puppets has a working mouth with a huge smile, embroidered features and durable, sewn-on clothing. They make ideal puppets to promote expressive and receptive language skills. Purchase these puppets now by clicking here: Plush Happy Kids Hand Puppets Set - 8 pc - Multi Ethnical Collection  


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