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Hi I'm Jen,


My two passions in life, after my family, are children and reading.


I really like to sit down on a quiet afternoon and get my teeth stuck into a good book.


However, its young children that really fascinate me. I am intrigued by them; each child is unique and equally captivating. I find it incredibly amazing how we humans develop. A tiny baby, completely reliant on others for survival, is soon reaching, grasping, imitating sounds, sitting, crawling, standing, walking, climbing, running, speaking and asking questions - programmed to learn and eager to master new skills.


I am fascinated when very young children are able to solve quite complex problems. For example, I was recently mesmerised watching my ten month old granddaughter work out how to get the ball that just rolled under the couch. She attempted at least five or six different strategies until she worked out how to reach that ball; it was simply incredible to watch.


I love to imagine what children are thinking and to watch them practice new skills over and over again. We adults could learn a lot by watching how young children unfailingly implement strategies to solve problems and learn new skills.


I have had many jobs over the years where I have had the privilege to observe and be enthralled by children. My most significant job of course is parenting and now grandparenting. My other significant job was teaching. After graduating from university I commenced my career in education at a local kindergarten. I was so enthralled by how children's brains developed that after four years teaching I went back to university and undertook my Bachelor of Education (Special Education).


I then started teaching in special education. This provided the opportunity to study smaller groups of children even more closely. I could see first-hand how small accomplishes were achieved and I was able to develops step by step learning programs individualised for each child I worked with.


My focus was on literacy development with children aged 18 months to five years. At the centre we also had speech pathologists and physiotherapists working with the children, however my job was to enhance their skills so they could read and write. Learning to read is the key to future academic success. If we could get our children with special needs reading then they were in a much better position to learn other skills when they commence school.


Over they years I tried many different teaching strategies, some failed miserably but I slowly developed a collection of strategies that worked. Children learnt to read and we all had fun along the way.


I am so proud when the children recognise words on the page for the first time and everything begins to 'click'. They feel happy and this boosts their self-confidence. The children realise they can read and this gives them such a feeling of success. It is very gratifying to be part of their accomplishment.


I now work in management at an educational facility and feel I have the time to write and share my experience.


I hope you gain insight from my book and experience the joy of playing and learning with your children.


 Jen Chatterton

Diploma of Teaching (Early Childhood)

Bachelor Special Education

Diploma of Management

Certificate IV Project Management


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